Providing the ultimate learning environmentfor young kids through the Fun Learning Playground, KEBIKIDS. In addition to running, we are also open to renting and joint marketing, wherever our KEBIKIDS content is wanted and needed. We have successfully exported our KEBIKIDS content, tailoring it to the characteristics unique to the importing country.

Growing into a global company that provides innovative services!

Expanding Our Platforms via N-screen and VR

Strong sales strategy using the N-screen (content for computers, smartphones, tablet PCs and IPTV)

Improved Content Quality

We’ve incorporated education with digital platforms to provide learning content that allows kids to learn in an active and enjoyable manner. 50% of our current resources have been allocated to content development for the purpose of pioneering new business areas. Production of content developed over the past 15 years + snack culture content + overseas content / Sharing our content globally

Reinforced Communication

We are pioneering a wide range of new business areas using big data after building trust through our digital educational services (edu-talk, edu-planner) including ourIP business, O2O, character development business, etc.

Sales & Marketing

We have gained trust across markets with our quality content and by changing the perceptionof digital edutainment: Growth of KEBIKIDS

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